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multi-ethnicity church with diversity in cultures



Our mission is to reach all people, disciple believers, and helping everyone to connect to their God's given purpose. We believe in Love and our culture centers on Love, Family, and Friendship - caring and sharing with genuine love and compassion. We connect with everyone like you to follow our Lord Jesus Christ through the Gospel; to love the Lord our God, love ourselves, and love our neighbors in preparation for Eternity. It is our prayer that you experience the expression of that love of God as we worship together in our worship center. It is always an honor to have you in our midst as we fellowship together, whether you are visiting us for the first time or as a regular attendee.

Join us in our Sunday Worship Service that opens  Heaven,  and receive a Blessing.

DMAG loves you and appreciates you


Remain Blessed !!!

Permanescan bendecidos !!!

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